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Hausverwaltung Hörsch can help you solve absolutely any real estate problem.

Our services

Hausverwaltung Hörsch focuses on the administration and management of real estate in the interests of the owner in working with clients in order to preserve the value of your assets long-term and obtain the highest possible profit.

With market understanding, negotiation skills and dedication, we take on commercial and technical tasks such as invoicing, renovation and insurance, paperwork, selecting suitable tenants or meeting with property owners. We also control all official aspects, for example, compliance with legal requirements and registration of the necessary insurance!

Our main areas of services

WAG Administration

We provide the best care for your community of owners: as a trustee, we look after your best interests in accordance with the provisions of the Condominium Act.

Apartment building management

We release owners from their responsibilities as landlords. The degree of delegation of tasks always depends on the wishes of the owner. 

We also offer you the following services:

  • Private management property;
  • Commercial administration;
  • Accounting and billing services;
  • Technical and commercial analysis of real estate;
  • Condition monitoring;
  • Facility management

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